University Partners

AAFM India has been established with an objective to meet market demands for advanced wealth management education that caters to the requirements of the growing Financial Services Sector.

CWMTM certification Program and Your University Program.

We encourage universities to incorporate the CWMTM certification curriculum into their programs. Although we ask that you adhere to our trademark & copyright guidelines, we don't require any registration for universities that integrate our curriculum. AAFM India has embarked on a global journey to transform wealth management education so that learning becomes a win-win for all the stakeholders, students, corporate or educational institution. AAFM India partners with reputed educational institutions to:

  • Offer CWM® certification program to their students.
  • Develop research capabilities in the area of Wealth Management.
  • Offer guidance to their students on careers in Financial Advisory & Wealth Management.

We are seeking to establish smart partnerships that will enable rapid deployment of education services to the market place. We are also seeking partners with whom we can jointly develop new markets.