Hire a CWM®

Increase the Value of Your Team

Optimizing Clients Portfolio, meeting client’s financial goals maintaining relationships, ensuring long term growth of client assets, increasing share of wallet of clients portfolio, managing investment risks are pressing issues faced by most of the Wealth Management Organizations and Private Banks Today. Chartered Wealth Manager® Professionals (CWM®) demonstrate mastery in these and other critical areas. Over the period Biggest Global Organizations have testified the skills and acumen of CWM® Professionals.

Employing CWMs is recognized as a best practice for Wealth Management and Private Banking departments. That is why more than 80 per cent of Global Banks and Wealth Management Organizations employ CWMs. And why employers who are faced with critical staffing decisions look at the CWM certification as a way to identify top-level talent. It is also a key differentiator for professionals working in the competitive field of Wealth Management and Private Banking. In fact, many organizations actively seek people who are certified and list the CWM® certification as either a required or preferred qualification.


Because the CWM certification...

  • Measures by means of a certification exam, the attainment and application of standards in the wealth management discipline
  • Demonstrates broad Wealth Management & Private Banking competency.
  • Enhances professional knowledge, skills and abilities in Wealth Advisory.
  • Prepares Wealth Management & Private Banking staff for greater on-the-job responsibilities.
  • Reflects relevant expertise in an ever-changing market.
  • Increases the value of your team.
  • Helps to stay current in the profession with continuing education requirements.