Partner as a Franchise


How do we become Franchise of AAFM India to deliver AAFM ® Globally Recognized Certifications?


Becoming licensed to offer qualified AAFM ® certification training programs is similar to any business; it requires substantial due diligence, quality standards, and commitment to make it success.

AAFM India is looking forward to expand by appointing Education Institutes of repute as Franchisee that can offer full time, part time, online and distance learning courses for the CWMTM Certification Program.

Brief Guidelines for becoming the Franchise of AAFM India

  • The Franchisee have to maintain educational facilities self-owned or run on lease.
  • The Franchisee have to be established in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or by the Ministry of HRD / Education or by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Franchisee should have more than one year’s experience of finance related education and training.
  • The Representatives and Board Members / Governing Body of Education Providers should give an affidavit that they were never involved in legal proceedings or legal action because of education and training problems concerned.
  • The Franchisee should be run by a professional management. The details of the same should be furnished along with the initial application. Professional management may be defined as management with appropriate organization structure with qualified Executives, Head with suitable and qualified support staff in various functions like training, marketing, administration etc. with clear line of authority and responsibility. For all practical purposes, there shall be a single point contract for all interactions with the Frencisee.
  • Franchisee should commit sufficient expenditure under broad headings like Marketing, Administration, Academic Development, Infrastructure etc. Though this may be designed in accordance with the Business Plan of respective Frencise, yet to ensure appropriate congruence with the AAFM India’s overall Business Plan, AAFM India shall reserve its right to alter/demand certain modification as it may deem fit.

Partner with Us as a Franchisee

Educational Institutions of repute and Training Divisions of Financial Institutions may approach to AAFM India in the Form given below expressing their interest to become a Franchisee of AAFM India

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