Experience Pathway

This pathway is specifically designed for the graduate candidates who are holding 3 years of minimum prior works experience, can directly appear for Level 2 examination but the candidate have to undergo the training of both the levels of examination. The candidate can also opt for the Distance Learning Program through Education Provider, if he / she do not wish to undergo the classroom training. The work experience should be in any field related with the Financial Advisory Services and every case shall be subject to the scrutiny of AAFM India for the verification of the work experience.

Please note that only candidates appearing through compulsory pathway i.e clearing both level 1 and level 2 examinations can use the CWM® Certification to meet the academic requirements of SEBI RIA Regulations 2013 under NISM Approved Certifications for SEBI RIA REGULATIONS.

Also, if a candidate uses the CWM® Certification to meet the academic requirements of SEBI RIA Regulations 2013 under NISM Approved Certifications for SEBI RIA REGULATIONS then they need to renew the CWM® Certification after every 3 year by re-appearing for both level 1 and level 2 examinations.

If you do not wish to use the CWM® Certification for the above purpose then you can pursue the certification under Experience Pathway and renew the certification also without re-appearing for the Level 1 or Level 2 Exams.

A student has to choose an Authorized Education Provider of AAFM India for completing education. After the due training by the education provider the examination by the AAFM India are conducted onmonthly basis, a student can appear for the examination through education provider by submitting the duly filled Examination Form 30 Days after the Registration Date. The course fee for Registration and online courseware is Rs. 31,000/- + 18% GST (Rs. Thirty One Thousand plus 18% GST only) shall be payable in favour of AAFM India through demand draft payable at New Delhi. The student can renew his/her student registration with AAFM India by paying a renewal fee of Rs. 6,000/- (Rs Six Thousand only) + 18% GST (6000/- + 18.00% GST), if the examination process is not completed within 365 days. It may be noted that Level 2 Examination can be scheduled only after completing Level 1 examination unless exempted through Experience Pathway.

The Candidate needs to apply for Certification within 90 Days of Clearing the Level 2 Exam. If a candidate fails to do so they need to clear the level 2 exam again.

The CWM® India Examination is held across India across 75 Cities and Globally across 200 Cities spread over 27 Countries.

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