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Achieve one of the highest distinctions in the wealth management profession: Become a Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM®).

As a CWM® charter holder, you will have the knowledge and the skills to thrive in the competitive wealth management & investing industry.

The CWM® charter gives you expertise and real-world skills in wealth management and investment advisory.

Join more than 300,000+ professionals who have been recognized globally for their technical skills, commitment to ethics and professionalism.

Expand Your Knowledge with a Relevant and Rigorous Curriculum

The CWM® Program helps you capitalize on your passion & strengths. As a globally recognized credential in the wealth management profession, the CWM® Program enhances your knowledge and work experience.

Gain a designation that will tell the world you have the skills to thrive in today’s complex and evolving wealth & investment management industry.

The CWM® charter is the gold standard for wealth managers, investment advisors and research analysts, and others in investment decision-making roles.

Curriculum Designed with Your Future in Mind

With a curriculum based on insights from practicing wealth management professionals, the CWM® Program provides a strong foundation in advanced wealth advisory and real-world investment selection and portfolio management skills.

By collaborating with industry experts, we ensure that we provide a relevant curriculum and that CWM® charter holders are ready to enter today’s market.


Why CWM® is Right for You?

  • Globally Recognized Certification in Wealth Management in more than 150+ countries
  • Awarded directly by American Academy of Financial Management® US
  • Global Certification in true sense and no territorial examination required
  • Build Credibility by Earning the Charter Designation
  • Endorsed by leading Corporates of India, Be a recruiters’ Choice
  • Promote yourself as a Financial Doctor and not a Chemist!
  • Only Certification with Exhaustive & updated curriculum in the industry
  • Get formally trained on concepts learnt through experience
  • Distinguish yourself from the peers
  • Be a part of the fastest growing industry
  • Work Across industry at top profiles

CWM® Certification will help you to :

  • Expand your wealth management skills by adopting international best practices.
  • Develop a checklist of key applied techniques in wealth management that will remain with you throughout your career
  • Become an expert in evaluation, diagnosis and planning in working with Super High Net Worth Clients
  • Integrate optimum products and services in your wealth management development strategies
  • Maximize the impact of your client communications and reporting
  • Deal with the complexities of investing in global markets and develop strategies for managing risk and maximizing returns
  • To Navigate unforeseen hurdles and ease clients’ Investing
  • Understand the client’s behaviour and retain them for Generations by using behavioral & relationship management skills.

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The CWM® Examination is held across India across 75 Cities and Globally across 200 Cities spread over 27 Countries.

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