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CWMChartered Wealth Manager


The program contains 2 Levels comprising of 10 Units in each level.
Level – 1 – Foundation Level
Unit 1 Overview of Indian and Global Financial System
Unit 2 Concept of Wealth Management
Unit 3 Measuring Investment Returns in Wealth Management
Unit 4 Life Cycle Management
Unit 5 Investment Vehicles of Wealth Management
Unit 6 Managing Investment Risk in Wealth Management
Unit 7 Investment Strategies of a Wealth Manager
Unit 8 Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Tax Planning
Unit 9 Role of Wealth Management in Banking
Unit 10 Legalities in Wealth Management
Level – 2 Advanced Level
Unit 1 Advanced Concept in Wealth Management
Unit 2 Relationship Management by a Wealth Manager
Unit 3 Use of Behavioral Finance in Wealth Management
Unit 4 Wealth Management Planning
Unit 5 Equity Analysis
Unit 6 Portfolio Management Strategies
Unit 7 Loan & Debt Management
Unit 8 Use of Alternative Products in Wealth anagement
Unit 9 Real Estate Valuation and Analysis
Unit 10 International Taxation and Trust Planning

There are 2 Exams one for level 1 and the second for level 2

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