Plan Project Work

The candidates registered for the CWM® have to mandatorily submit the project /assignment work to AAFM India through education provider from the List of Topics Published by AAFM India.

The candidate will be required to submit the project work after the candidate has passed the both the Levels of examination before he/ she claims the certification. Please note that the certification will only be awarded on the submission of the project work along with the passing of requisite examination.

As part of AAFM Endeavour to give practical skills to the candidates pursuing the CWM® Certification Program The project work for the CWM Certification is to be completed in 2 Steps:

Stage 1

At the completion of Level 1 - Project 1

The candidates need to get a Data Gathering Sheet Filled by one person. The data gathering sheet basically finds out the current financial position of the client and also their financial goals.

Ideal person who fills this sheet should be married person with kids and currently employed.

Copy of the Data Gathering Sheet is shared with the Candidate.

Note: We do not require the contact details of the client filling the Data Gathering Sheet.

Stage 2

At the completion of Level 2 - Project 2

AAFM India will send a case study and candidate needs to send a “Wealth Plan” on the case study sent.

A sample Wealth Plan would be sent to the Candidates.


All candidates registering for the CWM® needs to meet these criterion.

Time Frames:

Project 1

Candidates enrolling through compulsory pathway need to submit the project 1 within 30 days after completion of Level 1 Exam.

Candidates enrolling through experience pathway need to submit the project 1 before appearing for the level 2 exam.

Candidates who do not submit the project work would not be allowed to appear for the CWM® examination as the case may be.

Project 2

Needs to be submitted after the candidate has applied for CWM® Certification on clearing the Level 2 Exam


AAFM India Board may reject any project work submitted if:

  • It does not meet the standard expected for a CWM® Candidate.
  • If there is any plagiarism, deception or copying by the candidates.
  • The data submitted by the candidate is factually wrong.

Candidates would be informed of the approval or rejection of the Project Work submitted by them.