Continuing Professional Development Program

“**Once you have achieved the “certified” or “chartered” status from one of AAFM®’s approved academic or accredited professional training programs, you will achieve the exclusive status as a Certified Member of the global AAFM® family.”

Benefits of being AAFM® “Certified”

AAFM® has been recognizing professional excellence by awarding “certified” or “chartered” status. Managing your professional development through AAFM® will give you formal recognition of your development, proving to current and potential employers and business partners that you are serious about your career and about maintaining your knowledge and skills

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program

An AAFM India certification holds the status of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified financial professional that has the potential to contribute to the advance of his or her practice area. Upon achieving an AAFM India certification, you will need to continue to qualify as a Certified Member through our AAFM India Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. Due to differing market conditions and professional requirements, AAFM®’s Board of Standards has developed the CPD program to suit the Indian Financial markets. The CPD program has been designed to help you progress and get ahead in your career within the financial industry. Our CPD program offers our India based members to be able to take control of his or her own professional development in order to retain the AAFM® certification and Certified Member status.

Ongoing Learning’s

At AAFM India, we believe that learning does not only happen in the classroom. In fact, probably some of the most important learning’s are out in the work environment. The CPD program has been developed to be convenient for you, around your everyday work and giving you credit for your ongoing learning activities. Professional activities that you routinely participate in are recognized as fulfilling a part of your CPD requirements. This includes visiting industry events, attending training courses and reading industry publications.

CPD requirements

Upon the award of your certification, you are waived from CPD requirements for the 1st year. From the 2nd year onwards, you are required to complete 30 CPD hours annually in order to keep your status as a Certified Member and a member-in-good-standing status.

The following activities can count towards your CPD requirements.

Training workshops and courses

You will receive CPD hours for participating in AAFM India knowledge Workshops or other professional training course. These may include business‐related courses. Such courses may be either be offered internally by your company or a public training seminar. (1 knowledge Workshop / training course = 5 CPD hours)

Industry publication subscription

Your subscription to industry publications and journals are recognized. (1 journal subscription = 5 CPD hours)

Research contribution

You may submit a written case study (minimum 3000 words) to AAFM India or write an article published in a peer reviewed industry journal to qualify for CPD hours. (1 case study = 15 CPD hours)

Presentations & trainings

Speaking at industry functions or providing trainings will qualify for CPD hours. (1 hour presentation = 6 CPD hours)

Tradeshows & seminars

Participation in industry tradeshows, seminars and conferences (1 day conference = 5 CPD hours)

Other professional qualifications

We recognize other professional qualifications that you may have achieved during your AAFM® membership year. This may include designations that you have secured, including CFP, CFA, CPA and other similar qualifications. AAFM® training courses may also qualify you for CPD credits in other professional bodies. Please contact AAFM India for more details. (Professional certification = 30 CPD hours.)

CPD evidence

You would be required to maintain your record of CPD activity in your My AAFM India login account, 10% of AAFM India members will be selected for the annual random audit. When requested, you should submit the evidence of the CPD via email. Evidence may include a receipt, course materials, certificate, etc.

Qualifying for AAFM® membership status

Membership will be renewed and your name will be added to our AAFM India online directory. To check your status, please see Members' Verification.