Now That You're a CWM®

Congratulations! You've worked hard to earn the Chartered Wealth Manager® credential and you deserve to let everyone know you've succeeded. Earning the CWM® was a significant investment in your career and your future. It took time, effort and dedication to earn this symbol of excellence that signifies that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today's complex Wealth Advisory Environment.

You've taken an important step in your professional development. Now leverage your certification and take advantage of the competitive edge that CWM® certification provides.

1. Always use CWM® after your name. Use it on

  • Business Cards
  • Email Signature
  • Resume (See below for sample language.)
  • Corporate Photo ID
  • Cover Letters
  • Web Site
  • Company Directories, Staff Listings
  • Articles in Professional Publications
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Name Plates, Badges
  • Bios appearing on company web sites or in related print materials

Include a brief synopsis of what certification means, what is required to get the certification, and why it sets you apart from others in the profession on proposals for projects.

The CWM® is recognized as the industry standard for certification. Employers and customers will recognize and commend your new CWM® status.

2. Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a networking Web site that connects you to your professional relationships. The CWM Group on LinkedIn is a group where you can connect with your certified wealth and finance peers, and boost your profile by promoting your credential. You should also follow the AAFM Page on LinkedIn.

Are you on Facebook? Join the CWM group on Facebook, too.

3. Immediately inform your supervisor, CEO, and HR manager of your new credential

Request letters on AAFM stationary be sent to announce your achievement. An Award Notification Request Form can be downloaded at

4. Announce your new credential to your community

Use the CWM press release template and send an announcement to industry publications and the business section of your local paper. The CWM Press Release Template can be found at

5. Spread the word about CWM

Do a brown bag presentation at your organization or your local chapter meeting. Customize the CWM power point presentation for your needs and request CWM Candidate Information Leaflets from AAFMTM to distribute at your meeting. Don't forget that making presentations about the CWM qualify for recertification credits (CPD Points). Download the CWM® presentation at

6. Display your certificate in your office

YouFrame your CWM® Certificate and Display it in Your Office

7. Wear the CWM® pin at industry events

One Complimentary Lapel Pin is Sent to you with your Certificate. You can order more. To know more mail us :

8. Include "CWM® required" or "CWM® preferred" when submitting requirements to fill positions within your company and/or writing job descriptions

9. Refer a CWM®

There is no better way to show commitment to your credential and the profession than by encouraging your colleagues to earn the CWM®. When you refer eligible colleagues to become certified, you:

(1) Support them in their careers;

(2) Help them improve efficiency and effectiveness by increasing their competency level;

(3) Elevate the profession. AND for your eligible CWM candidate referral, we'll send you a Gift Card! Refer a CWM today.

10. Become a CWM Success Story

Tell us how you have benefitted from achieving your CWM. Your testimonial could be selected to be included on the AAFM website or in the CWM Candidate Bulletin and brochures.Submit your CWM Success Story Questionnaire.

11. Become a mentor

Help someone else earn Wealth Management's most respected credential. You recognize the value of CWM certification and the respect it commands in the industry. Do you know someone else who would benefit by becoming CWM certified? Pass on the power of certification by becoming a mentor. Explain what professional certification can mean. Offer encouragement, answer questions, and share information about available resources to prepare for the exam.

12. Recertify

You've worked hard to earn your credential, make sure you hold on to it. Be sure to fulfill your recertification requirements so you can remain a CWM® throughout your career. Map out a plan to earn the continuing education credit you need to recertify and to stay up-to-date in the industry. See the Recertification page for more information.

13. Contribute Articles and Case Studies

AAFM encourages CWM Certificants to contribute articles and case studies which will be published on AAFM Website with your authorship. To know more mail at

Sample Resume Language

The Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM) designation is evidence that an individual is certified in Wealth Management and Investment Advisory. The credential is awarded based upon passing of a rigorous examination that provides objective measure of an individual's broad-based knowledge and competency in wealth management. On-going professional development is required in order to maintain the credential. The CWM is administered by the American Academy of Financial Management, the leading Board of Standards for financial professionals, with more than 3,00,000 members worldwide.