The Key Objectives of Financial Literacy Initiative are:

  • Developing skills to identify the right investment advice to know how to identify a Financial Advisor and be cautioned on receiving the services from a Qualified and Experienced Financial Advisor only.
  • Understanding the Various Asset Classes of Financial Products available in the Financial Service Market like Fixed Deposit, Bank Accounts, PPF, EPF, Pension Products, Equities, Debts/Bonds, Mutual Funds, Insurance, etc.
  • Develop a skill set to understand the basics of Financial Mathematics and Financial Concepts like Time Value of Money, Compound Interest Rate, Role of Inflation, Annuity options, Parameters of Risk and Return like Standard Deviation and Beta, Importance of Diversification, SIP as a tool, etc.
  • The Objective to make right Financial Decisions at various stages of life like Getting Married, Time to buy an Insurance, Planning a Child, Child’s Education, Buying a House, Children’s Marriage, Retirement Planning, Making a Will, Better Tax Saving, etc.

Categories Covered under the strategy of Financial Literacy are:

  • Financial Literacy for Working Professional
  • Financial Literacy for Home Makers
  • Financial Literacy for Retired / Retiring People
  • Financial Literacy for Family
  • Financial Literacy for College Students
  • Financial Literacy for School Students