Benefits of Corporate Membership

By becoming a Corporate Member of AAFM India, the organization has joined the movement of establishing the Wealth Management Advisory Services Standards in the country and hence indirectly contributing to the noble cause of bringing the positive change and revolutionizing the financial services industry.

  • Every representative of Corporate Member has the Right to bring new industry norms and guidelines for establishing the standards.
  • Every Corporate Member has the privilege to nominate 200 professionals from their organization to enroll for the CWMTM Certification Program through the Corporate Route at a discounted price of Rs. 30,680/- as against the actual cost of Rs. 38,940/-
  • AAFM India can organize seminars / debates / discussions on the topics of contemporary importance and interest to its members and clients at large for Wealth Management Advisory Services.
  • It would provide constant opportunities to its members to network and advertise themselves.
  • Corporate Members would get the privilege of discounted price for attending seminars & events organized by the AAFM India or its alliances.

Our Request

Given the nascent stage of the Indian wealth management industry, firms face a shortage of trained advisors. This problem is further aggravated by the high rate of employee attrition. Developing and retaining highly qualified advisors will be critical for organizations, as this is the key differentiator for leaders vs. laggards

Your organization is an integral part of the Financial Planning & Wealth Management Advisory Services Industry in India. “We understand that your organization can play a stellar role in “Building the Wealth Managers of Tomorrow” by promoting CHARTERED WEALTH MANAGER (CWMTM) certification at the organizational level and become a Corporate Member of American Academy of Financial Management India.” We believe an important force with the potential to change the wealth management market dynamics is the entry of the Financial Planning & Wealth Management Advisory Services entities into the wealth management market. While they haven’t been aggressive yet, their entry into the fray is inevitable.

The effort will bear fruit in increased sales through long-term relationship of such knowledgeable intermediaries with clients. We request you take forward this drive by designing suitable framework for your employees and Advisors.

We anticipate that the details provided above shall assist you in taking a positive step forward towards becoming an integral part of establishing the standards for the Wealth Management Advisory Services in the country.