Project Work

Project Work

The candidates registered for the Chartered Economist have to mandatorily submit the project/assignment work to AAFM® India through education provider from the List of Topics Published by AAFM® India.

The candidate will be required to submit the project work after passing the examination before he/ she claims the certification. Please note that the certification will only be awarded on the submission of the project work along with the passing of requisite examination.

As part of AAFM® Endeavour to give practical skills to the candidates pursuing the Chartered Economist® Certification Program, the project work for the Chartered Economist Certification is to be completed within 30 days after completion of Exam.

Important Note:

AAFM® India Board may reject any project work submitted if:

  • It does not meet the standard expected for a Chartered Economist Candidate.
  • If there is any plagiarism, deception or copying by the candidates.
  • The data submitted by the candidate is factually wrong.
  • Candidates would be informed of the approval or rejection of the Project Work submitted by them.