People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan!

It doesn’t matter how much money do we have, we all need to make plans for our future. Your client’s financial goals may include a long retirement, extensive travel, education funding for children or grandchildren, paying for weddings, buying a home and or establishing their legacy. Some of these goals may be more important than others. This program helps to discuss and prioritize client’s goals and learn more about the concerns they have.

The Advanced Financial Goal Planner (AFGP®) Certificate Program is designed to develop the advanced skills required by Financial and Wealth Advisors to execute critical functions related to Financial Planning, Goal Planning & Investment Planning to assist their clients to shift from investment planning to comprehensive financial planning. This Global Certification is offered by American Academy of Financial Management India and is a stepping stone to more comprehensive and intensive programs like the Associate Wealth Manager® (AWM®)and Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM®).

In a world of specialization, no other profession requires such broad, yet in-depth knowledge than that of a Wealth Manager. Wealth Manager must not only possess a deep understanding of the Financial Products and Personal Financial Planning but also of the client psychology, attitudes and other intangibles that effect the relationship management with the clients. The AFGP® Certification Program provides the Financial Professionals including Wealth Advisors Financial Goal Planning Skills.

The outlook for wealth advisors is very positive with number of individuals requiring specialized wealth advice rising rapidly across India. Alongside this growth is an expected increase in competition found in this field where a professional needs to differentiate their skills and offering to the clients. Hence, people who want to stand out from the rest of the pack opt to earn a specialized certification to prove that they have what it takes to be worthy of the field. A certification also strengthens one’s prospects in the company they are in and can help them climb up the employment ladder.


Financial Goal Planning is the key to sound Financial Planning. This program builds into learning’s of the previous program Chartered Financial Goal Planner®. It goes into advanced concepts and cutting edge knowledge in the area of Financial Planning, Wealth Management and Personal Finance.

Program Goal

In this program students will learn to:

  • Understand the nature of information ascertained from client
  • Describe the steps in the personal money management
  • Analyse Client Financial Situation and understand the problems in Client’s Financial Situation.
  • Calculate Advanced Personal Financial Ratios
  • Capital Budgeting Techniques in Personal Finance
  • Advanced Techniques Financial Goal Planning
  • Time series analysis to find the Client Financial Progress
  • Advanced Financial Mathematics
  • Understanding Life Cycle Issues in recommending Mutual Fund Schemes
  • Creating and Evaluating Mutual Fund Portfolio’s
  • Use of Mutual Fund in Wealth Planning
  • Case Studies understanding client scenario

Reference Materials

AFGP® Candidates get access to our proprietary Study Material and AAFM Financial Goal Planning Tools including the Specially Developed Calculators and Financial Plan Models.

  • Guided overviews for each module highlight key topics
  • Assessments identify topics a participant already knows and those areas that require more time and attention
  • More than 200 questions for continually testing knowledge and comprehension
  • Features real-life case study scenarios and questions to apply your knowledge

Program Requirements

In order to attain AFGP® participation certificate, candidates need to attend the complete full day AFGP® Workshop. To pursue the program they need to be at least Intermediate (10+2). AFGP® Certification holders are required to follow to a strict code of ethics and rules that governs both their professional and personal conduct.

Curriculum of AFGP®

The Curriculum of AFGP® Consist of four Modules:

Module No. Name of the Module
Module 1 Advanced Techniques: Financial Goal Planning
Use of CapitalBudgeting Techniques in Personal Finance
Module 2 Advanced Financial Mathematics
Module 3 Mathematics of Loan
Mutual Funds and Wealth Planning
Module 4 Case Studies on Different Aspects of Wealth Management-Financial Planning

Mode of Study

AAFM conducts full day workshops with a maximum batch size of 25 Participants per Workshop focusing on goal planning skills for financial advisors.

Who Should Attend the Program?

Any aspiring or practicing Financial Advisor and/orFinancial Products distributor who want to start offering client oriented, process-driven and Goal-based Financial Advisory Services.

  • Independent Financial Advisor
  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • Bankers
  • Mutual Fund & Insurance Professional’s
  • Individuals /IFAs aspiring to start own Advisory Services


INR 19,999 plus GST

AFGP® Program is also offered through Corporate Tie-Up Mode wherein a Corporate Entity ties-up with AAFM India to offer the program to its employees and associates.