CREP Examination

Exam Name Units Tested Centres Exam Date Exam Language Duration Exam Fees Enrolment Through
CREP 1-5 NSE Testing Centres 10th to 20th of every Month English 115 Minutes Enrolment through AAFM Website and scheduling NSE

Note :

  • Candidates should fill the online registration form on aafmindia.co.in and then schedule the exam through their account on NSE.
  • Exams can be scheduled through NSE for 10th to 20th of every month.
  • Candidates can schedule the exams on the NSE Platform only between 1st to 10th and 10th to 20th of every month i.e. during the exam delivery dates 10th to 20th of every month candidates will not be able to schedule exams on NSE.

Grading of Exam:

Passing percentage for CREP Examination is 50%.

Each candidate would be graded as per the score achieved in the examination:

More than 76% A
65% to 75% B
50% to 64% C
0% to 49% D

Exam Pattern:

CREP Exam Structure:

The Table sums up the section wise marks distribution CREP Examination

Sections Section A Section B Section C Passing Criteria
Marks No. of Questions Total Marks No. of Questions Total Marks No. of Questions Total Marks 50 % i.e. A score of 50 in the examination (there is no negative marking)
1 30 30 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 30 60 0 0
4 0 0 0 0 20 80
Total 30 30 30 60 20 80
CREP Examination Total Question 80 Total Marks 170

Testing Significance of each Unit in AFA® Level I (Foundation Level)

Questions Marks
Unit No. Name of
the Unit
1 Marks 2 Marks 4 Marks Total
UNIT 1 Introduction to Real Estate 15% 5 5 3 13 27
UNIT 2 Legalities of
Real Estate
20% 6 6 4 16 34
UNIT 3 Real Estate Valuation & Analysis 20% 6 6 4 16 34
UNIT 4 Practical Aspects
of Real Estate
20% 6 6 4 16 34
UNIT 5 Advanced Real
Estate Practices
25% 7 7 5 19 41
Total 30 30 20 80 170

The marks signify the difficulty level and time consumption in solving the question.
The Advanced Financial Analysis questions would be in form of case study in built in the examination.

Permitted Accessories

Students are only permitted to use “CASIO FC 200 V” Financial Calculator in the examination. No exchange of accessories will be permitted during the examination.

  • Students are not allowed to carry any paper during the examination.
  • Students are not allowed to carry Laptop, Palmtop, Log Tables, and Annuity Tables etc.
  • Students are not allowed to use Calculators in their Mobile Phones.
  • Mobile Phones are to be compulsorily kept ‘switched off’ during the examination

Examination Results

Results will be declared by the system itself once the student clicks the ‘Submit’ button after the Examination is completed or if the Examination duration is elapsed the system will treat the answer sheet as submitted and result will be displayed on the screen. Students have the option of taking a printout of their result at the test centre after the Examination.

  • Major Examination Policies

    1. Confidentiality Policy

    AAFM strives to maintain the confidentiality of exam result of all the unsuccessful candidates. The results would be uploaded in the individual account of the candidate at the AAFM Website once in a fortnight. The intimation to successful candidates would be sent by mail requisitioning the candidate to apply for the CREP Certification.

    Any documents submitted by the candidates at centre, viz. rough sheets, back-up sheets, feedback form, etc. are the property of AAFM. They shall not be subject to any public scrutiny. The same is to preserve the confidentiality of candidate specific information. These are also required for gathering useful information to strengthen our examination system.

    No question/s or part of the paper which appear on the computer terminal should be copied from the test screen and/or taken out of the examination hall as it shall lead to disqualification of the candidature. In case of serious ambiguity in a question item, the same should be noted down only with the specific approval of exam coordinator in his/her presence. The replies to such queries would be sent without subverting the confidentiality of test items, within 7 days of the receipt of related documents from the Exam Administrator.

    2. Non-discrimination Policy

    AAFM India follows a policy of non-discrimination among candidates who appear for any AAFM examination. The on-line testing medium, algorithm used, facilities provided in terms of on-line content and testing and threshold criteria are the same for all candidates. On the strength of the aforesaid, there is no discrimination of any kind among the eligible candidates on the basis of pathway or mode of examination chosen, sector, region, caste, religion, age, gender, or on the basis of additional qualification and experience than those mandated for specific pathway, or on the basis of the allegiance of candidates to institutional entities or authorized educational entities.

    3. Review and Appeals Policy

    Specific query related to a particular question, if any, should be pointed out by the candidate during the course of the examination to the test coordinator at the test centre. For this the candidate is expected to submit his/her query in writing to the test coordinator after completing the examination, while submitting all other examination related documents. Subsequent queries through mail or post to AAFM India shall not be entertained.

    4. Exam Discipline

    AAFM India would treat the instances of resorting to unfair means or malpractices noticed during examination very seriously and any candidate found doing so will be expelled from taking the examination and his/her candidature shall be cancelled.

    5. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

    Exams once scheduled cannot be cancelled for any reason whatsoever.

    If the candidate after paying the examination fees does not schedule the exam during the registration eligibility period the fees paid would not be refunded nor would be adjusted further. On registration renewal with AAFM the candidate would be required to pay the examination fees again.

    Candidate not appearing at the examination centre on the scheduled examination would be treated as absent and the fees would not refunded back.

Retake Policy:

Candidates will be allowed to book retake after 10 days, regardless of whether the candidate failed or passed the previous attempt.

Examination Policies: 

Standard Primary IDs (with both Photo and Signature).

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Election card
  • Employee ID with photo and signature

Standard secondary IDs (with Signature).

  • Any primary ID
  • Credit card
  • ATM card

Names on ID’s must exactly match those given by the candidate during registration. Discrepancies on ID’s that are due to typographical errors, traditional & cultural variations, and technical limitations must be reported by candidates to AAFM who will need to inform NSE as soon as possible.

Candidates are required to carry original id .Copy of ID is not acceptable proof.

Candidates will also be required to produce the appointment confirmation letters received from NSE after scheduling their test.

1. Late Arrivals and No-shows.

The standard arrival policy of 30 minutes was agreed where-by the candidates must arrive 30 minutes before the exam to their test center. Late arrival period of upto 30 minutes is allowed. If the candidate does not arrive within this period, and the test center is unable to accommodate him or her later, the candidate will be turned away and marked as a No-show.

2. Erasable note board/booklet.

Candidates will receive one erasable note board & a pen to use for rough work during the exam.

3. Exhibits, personal items, Calculators.

  • Candidates will be allowed to have an erasable note board and a pen inside the testing room.
  • Only “Casio FC 200V” – Financial Calculator will be allowed.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to take mobile phones, headphones or any personal items / exhibits into the testing room.

4. Break policies

AAFM exams will not have any scheduled breaks.
Candidates can access personal belongings during unscheduled breaks limited to essentials such as medicines but no access to texts or printed materials should be allowed.

Decisions of AAFM India in all matters pertaining to the examination shall be final and binding.