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The Accredited Financial Analyst® (AFA®) Designation serves as a benchmark of competency in the finance profession and is recognized as the leading credential in Financial Analysis worldwide.

Some of the Designations which AFA® Designation Holder has are:

  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Investment/Securities Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Senior Financial Analyst

AFA® (Accredited Financial Analyst®) is one of the most highly valued qualifications available internationally for Financial Analysts and Financial Research Analysts.

The Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA®) qualification is administered by the American Academy of Financial Management in the US and is promoted as the industry standard for professionals working in the financial services industry as Research Analysts, Equity Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Investment Bankers etc. The AFA® qualification is one of the most highly respected and valued qualifications available internationally.

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Some of the things the AFA Program enables you to do are:

  • Understand financial statements, and use them to evaluate the strength of organizations.
  • Sift through information to identify what is most relevant.
  • Applying sophisticated analytical methods
  • Framing an idea and formulating a hypothesis
  • Develop models to estimate the fundamental value of a firm.
  • Apply concepts of accounting, economics, statistics, and psychology.
  • Make extensive use of modelling tools such as excel in creating financial models
  • Write professional research reports
  • Advise and analyse investments

The Program Helps In

  • Acquiring core understandings in and across the disciplines that contribute to the domain of Wealth Management including Wealth Creation, Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Preservation and Wealth Transfer.
  • Relating these conceptual frameworks to dimensions of practical areas on the ground.
  • Providing candidates with opportunities to encounter and critically engage with instances of both challenging problems and attempted interventions by a Wealth Manager.
  • Engage with the complex financial markets, human attitudes and investment life cycles.
  • Explore the ethical and personal dimensions of Wealth Advisory and understand the fiduciary responsibilities of a Wealth Manager.

Connect Your Career with the World...

The American Academy of Financial ManagementTM is a worldwide Board of Standards and financial professional organization, with members in 151+ countries offering exclusive certified designations, charters, and masters certification to candidates who meet the high standards.

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