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    Financial Training
    Proven Corporate Training Expertise in the Banking,
    Insurance, Investment and Financial Industry
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    Find the Right Training
    for your Employees
    AAFM® India Identifies the training needs, developing training
    programs & Catering to employees.
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    Unique & Curated Training
    aims to
    Increased Efficiency - Increased Motivation -
    Building Robust Corporate Culture
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Build Your Finance Dream Team

Strengthen your team’s skills and accelerate revenue with the deepest real-world learning in finance.

American Academy of Financial Management® (AAFM®)

Awarded Top Finance Training Company

AAFM® India has over 20 years of proven experience servicing a range of clients in sectors like:

Mutual Funds


Commercial Banks (Banking)

Investment Banks (Wealth management)

Insurance Companies (Insurance)

Brokerage Firms (Advisory)

Planning Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)

RIA Firms (Wealth management, Advisory)


Our expert corporate training consultants have a breadth of experience in the financial industry.

We have provided financial services training and valuable solutions to a variety of financial industries such as consumer and commercial banking, mortgage and lending, credit card, wealth management, and insurance to name a few.

This experience allows us to understand each client's unique business needs and has positioned us to be a key partner to financial institutions across the globe.

Customized Training

A trusted and reliable training provider in finance, investments, wealth management and analytics.

American Academy of Financial Management® provides customized training to meet the needs of corporate and universities, among others.

We leverage our global experience in delivering financial trainings in more than 150+ countries globally to deliver international quality trainings.

Our content rich, unique financial training provides you with a world of knowledge, designed to expand your horizons, deepen your understanding and foster command over the subject matter.

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The Most In-Depth Finance Training Company for Upskilling and Developing Finance Teams

Build a team full of superstars and boost capability, accuracy and ultimately revenue with the world’s leading online corporate training programs for finance teams.

Financial Analysis & Modeling Training
Case discussion on financial statements modeling, analysis and various approaches to valuation.
Fixed Income Instrument Analysis
Learn the nuances of selecting and analyzing fixed income instruments


Goal Planning through Mutual funds

Learn to find the financial goals of a client and create investment portfolios for various goals

Mutual Fund Portfolio Management

Learn to analyze and create winning mutual fund portfolios for clients

Creating Winning Client Relationships
Learn to develop new client relationships and enhance existing relationships using the principles of relationship management.
Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Provides the practical know how to non-finance managers who need to collaborate with the finance department.


Tax Planning in Wealth Management
Learn to structure a client’s income and investments in a tax efficient manner.


Estate & Succession Planning

Learn to plan the inheritance and advise on intergenerational wealth transfer


Advanced Concepts in Retirement Planning including Scenario Analysis
Practical Retirement Planning using Scenario Analysis. Learn to stress test anticipated and un-anticipated scenarios
Cryptocurrency as an Investment Vehicle
Learn the basics of Cryptocurrency and its use as an investment instrument in a client’s portfolio.
Private Family Trusts
Complete guide to creating, structuring, and managing Private Family Trusts
Wealth Protection Planning
Models and structures that are both legally and morally tenable to protect a client’s wealth
Business Succession Planning
Learn to advise families and organizations on how to structure succession issues in business.
Using Life Insurance for Inheritance & Succession Planning
Learn to use Life Insurance as a Wealth Transfer instrument.
Legalities of Real Estate
Get an overview of legalities involved in ownership and transactions related to real estate
International Tax Planning
Practical guide to International Tax Planning with cases and examples
Hindu Undivided Family- Concept, Laws and Intricacies
Learn to advise on HUF creation, tax implications and partition of HUF’s

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Financial Services Sales Training Courses

Sales and customer service training is a key component to the success of any business.

AAFM® can provide a full suite of services to support your teams with the right training for large scale training programs.
We have a network of over 1000 trainers and instructional design consultants for your in-class training needs.
If you’re looking to implement eLearning, our team of dedicated eLearning development specialists are only a click away.
From custom eLearning to conversions to maintenance we have the right team of instructional technologists, eLearning developers, and instructional designers to provide you with high-quality online training with proven results.

Unlock your team’s potential with best-in-class finance training!

As a Financial Training Company, present in 151+ Countries with over 3,00,000 Certificants we take learning and development seriously, and we possess the demonstrated training experience on top of our professional qualifications.

AAFM® instructors possess the professional and industry qualifications to provide the highest quality of training and skills development for global finance professionals.

Get personalized training by our seasoned industry professionals & subject matter experts.
Training is fully crafted and customized to meet the exact requirement of clients.
Highly interactive training experience in both workshop and Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC) based format.

Use Our Pre-Designed Curriculums

You can select a pre-designed curriculum, by choosing to train your team with an AAFM® Certification. Each of the AAFM® certification is industry-recognized and designed to provide participants with practical skills that transfer to real-world scenarios.

AAFM® India Certification programs

S.No Name of the Course Expertise Mode of Study Eligibility
1 Advanced Financial Goal Planning (AFGP®) Financial Goal Planning Full-Day Workshop Graduation
2 Chartered Financial Goal Planner (CFGP®) Financial Goal Planning Full-Day Workshop Graduation
3 Chartered Real Estate Professional (CREP®) Real Estate Analysis & Investment E-Learning / Self Study Graduation
4 Certified Personal Finance Specialist (CPFS®) Personal Finance Management E-Learning / Self Study Graduation
5 Certified Personal Finance Specialist Pro(CPFS-Pro®) Personal Finance Management E-Learning / Self Study Graduation

AAFM® USA Global Designation Programs

S.No Name of the Course Expertise Mode of Study Eligibility
1 Chartered Wealth Manager® CWM® Wealth Management & Investment E-Learning / Self Study Material / Online Classes Graduation
2 Chartered Economist® Ch.E® Economics E-Learning / Self Study Material / Online Classes Graduation
3 Chartered Portfolio Management®CPM® Portfolio Management E-Learning / Self Study Graduation
4 Chartered Trust & Estate Planner® CTEP® Estate Planning E-Learning / Self Study Graduation
5 Accredited Financial Analyst® AFA® Finance Analysis & Research E-Learning / Self Study Graduation

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